When Is A Good Time Moving To Cloud?

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Google Drive, Dropbox, Gmail, MSN are probably one of the free online services you have personally used. They let you store favorite photos, files, contacts and documents for free before you run out ofstorage quota and need an upgrade. This is cloud computing. The cloud is becoming increasingly popular for storage in the personal realm and also the corporate sector.

From small and medium-sized businesses to large companies, enterprises and government agencies, organizations are leveraging cloud services for more competitive advantage. It is an easy access to enterprise level systems and their related services at a fraction of the cost you would pay to set it up yourself.  Pay for what you use and no more do you need to buy your own server.

moving to cloud

Cloud computing is basically putting all (or some) of your data (photos, documents, chat and other digital archives) on the internet in a massive network of computers. You don’t need to know where your data is stored but you can retrieve it anytime as long as you’re connected. Data is encrypted for protection and multiple copies are distributed across servers around the world to prevent data loss, corruption, or breach.

So when is a good time moving to the cloud?

If you want to go faster in business, the time is NOW. There has never been a better time. Only 10% of corporations are using the power of the cloud to stay ahead. You could be in the elite group of achievers with cloud technology, serving more clients and at a faster response time, for a tiny amount of dollars compared to making your own IT investments.

There is plenty of money-saving, time-saving tools and services available in the cloud. Plus, this move makes your company more agile and responsive to clients. For a start, make a detailed plan to get you started with the migration. This includes migration costs, TCO (total cost of ownership) and estimates for ongoing costs. Get someone to help you with the strategy. You don’t need to buy new expensive hardware, but you certainly do need to plan for the types of cloud services required for your company. Plan out the processes and services you need to avoid paying unnecessary dollars for server time.

In addition, when you need to buy new hardware, sign a software purchase agreement, or are thinking about buying new software; remember to ask if this can be run in the cloud. It will save you a lot of headaches later on.

Check out each possible cloud providers. Scrutinize their offers and see which one fits your business. Contact the customer service, ask for a demo before making a final decision. Themain cloud providers usually cost less, are more stable and have more diverse services.

Some companies now prefer to have a hybrid system, with more sensitive data put in their private cloud while other data and applications stored in a public subscription-based cloud. You will need to consider this more carefully, as building your own private network will definitely cost you more time, energy, and (financial and human) resources.

You now have the same access to the tools, software, and systems the big enterprises use. With the low barrier of entry and a level playing field, you too have the advantage. Do this, and you will be certain to save thousands and thousands of dollars. Profits soar and so does productivity in the workplace.

NexStep offers cloud-based technology and provides remote computing services for your company so that you can focus on your core competencies. Contact us now for more detailed information on how we can help your business maximize profitability.


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