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2020 Cloud Computing Trends to Look Out For

Posted on: January 14th, 2020 by nexstepaz No Comments

Since the first Cloud Computing Solution was introduced back in 2006 by Amazon with their Amazon Web Services and then followed by Google in 2008 with their Google App Engine, Cloud Computing keeps getting better and more robust.

Now with more and more businesses, small and big alike, are getting a lot of benefits from Cloud Computing, it’s about the right time to completely move on to the clouds. Cloud computing has changed everything. (more…)

Positive Impact of Cloud Computing for Law Firm

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The International Data Corporation predicted that in 2014 the cloud computing industry would reach $798M in revenues.  With such a staggering growth, it is quite confusing why using cloud computing technology is even being discussed. (more…)

Meeting the Client Needs with Cloud Computing for Law Firms

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Ever since cloud computing for law firms start to become more popular and many law firms workers moved to service-based products instead of software for desktop computer, the whole market changed dramatically. Now many legal practitioners expect to pay lower monthly rates for the services they need and they want them to evolve, improve and give them everything that they need to run the business successfully. (more…)

The Value of Virtual Environment in Law Firms

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Are you one of those who have gotten used to working in a traditional office where you are bounded by four walls?  Well here is a newsflash for you, times are changing.  More and more businesses are turning to virtual environments for their offices as part of their non-traditional process to enhance the workplace. (more…)

The Gold Key To Be A Successful Law Firm Using Cloud Computing

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There’s something about every successful company that makes it successful. If your company has been in business for several years and you’re generating a profit, chances are good that you have some core competencies or skills and abilities that help you stand out from the competition. (more…)

Find 5 Application Hosting Benefits for Law Firms

Posted on: December 13th, 2018 by nexstepaz No Comments

Have you ever encountered a law firm that is heavily invested in technology? Traditionally, law firms and cloud based law practice are never used in the same sentence, right?  However, today things are changing; and all for the best as it may seem. But what exactly application computer hosting for law firm services deliver in terms of benefits?  Let us take a look at 5 possibilities. (more…)

What is Cloud Computing Layers Architecture?

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In general, when the term Cloud computing is used, it references the delivery of hosted services via the Internet. Cloud computing was a term derived from the cloud symbol used in flowcharts and diagrams to represent the Internet. What are the cloud computing layers architecture?


Introduction to Cloud Computing Definition

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Have you ever been in the Cloud or do you have an idea what the Cloud is all about? In this age of computing, the term Cloud is something that seems to drop in every conversation. The reality is that today, Cloud computing is virtually everywhere. So let’s take a look and try to understand this concept.


Cloud Computing Environmental Benefits

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When thinking about the benefits of Cloud computing, normally it centers on the reduction of hardware, software and operational costs. However, are you aware that going into the Cloud also yields environmental benefits? Most of the time these benefits are overlooked despite the significant environmental benefits. Let’s take a look. (more…)