Filling the Business Gap with Cloud IT Service

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Is your business being stressed by the lack of IT support talent?  Is your law practice being overstretched to catch up with the workload?  This is a very real scenario that many businesses are facing, with knee-jerk reactions leaning towards hiring of new talent.  Is this the right choice?  Let’s see. (more…)

10 Disadvantages & Risks of Cloud Computing

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However, there are disadvantages of cloud computing behind this technology. Before it’s explained, let’s see about cloud computing overview. (more…)

The Simplest Way to Backing Up Data & Files

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Law firms rely on information for everything. Cases are built on research and without that research you simply can’t win. All the interviews that you conduct, all the forms that clients fill out, all the information that you gather in general is likely stored on a computer today. (more…)

How to keep data safe and secure with Keycomcloud

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Is it really necessary to ask if security should be of any concern?  Of course not!  The more important question to ponder on is how those on Cloud platforms can protect their sensitive data.  It is vital to understand that as technology becomes more sophisticated, the more challenging it becomes to detect and fight off threats; especially for growing businesses. (more…)

Avoid Digital Denial to Run a Successful Law Practice

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It’s a common thing for lawyers to be spooked by new technology, or too proud to believe that they can actually benefit from it. Instead law firms remain in the technological dark ages just to prove a point to themselves and all they are really doing is hurting their own company by limiting what they can accomplish. (more…)

All You Need To Know Before Installing Cloud Computing

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Have you heard about cloud computing?  Perhaps anyone in the business and legal fields are all aware of what this computing technology is all about.  This however is still a developing technology, which makes it threatening and quite challenging to understand for those who are technically challenged.  Can this technology deliver substantial improvements to the legal profession?  And how can a firm prepare to migrate to cloud computing?  Let’s take a look how. (more…)

Cloud Computing: Best Decision to Start in 2019

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Cloud computing has revolutionized the idea of storing data. Now that it is available to businesses, IT professionals have seen operational efficiency improve. Businesses that use the cloud are able to better meet the needs of their customers and adapt to changes in the market. The cloud makes it easier for businesses to make decisions because data is so easy to access and analyze. They no longer have to worry about the limitations of in-house data storage. Revenue and markets have increased for businesses that use the cloud. (more…)

How Cloud Management Values Change Your Business

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With cloud technology seemingly becoming the standard technology, more and more companies are turning to providers for their ever growing technical needs.  But is there really something in the cloud worth going after? What is the value of computer hosting or installing remote computing?  Is there anything substantial that companies can expect when they invest in cloud computing? (more…)

Maximizing Your Law Firms Financial Value in 2019

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Stop working on all those menial tasks that are holding your business back. There’s only one way for you to effectively grow your law firm, and that’s to cut out all the maintenance tasks that you’re wasting your time on currently. (more…)

Big Step Started From Investing in Cloud Security Protection

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When it comes to security, IT executives consistently worry. This is because the majority of corporate offices do not take the necessary steps to protect their precious data. Companies of all sizes have several security risks, simply because they have failed to put the right security measures into place. (more…)