Shifting Your Law Firm to Cloud Computing Environment

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When you realize how effective cloud computing is when used properly, it’s not really a surprise that a recent study shows about 82% of the companies spoken to have some sort of cloud strategy going compared to the 74% that were using the technology in 2014.

There is a culture shift that has to take place for cloud computing to work out. If your company doesn’t accept the change, or doesn’t make the change at all you’re in for some trouble. (more…)

Heading to a Modern Virtual Law Office with Cloud Computing

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With all of these techno jargon flying around, there seems to be a misconception on what a virtual law firm actually is.  Can you be considered a virtual law firm if you just have no office?  The fact of the matter is that there is no standard definition yet on what constitutes a virtual office. (more…)

Reasons Why Cloud Computing is Suitable for Law Firms

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With the legal service full of old school lawyers, it is quite difficult to imagine a merger between the legal world and technology.  However, are you aware that technology, specifically Cloud computing, is a great fit for law firms?  In a profession where information and communication are vital, having convenient access to both would be truly priceless. (more…)

Changing from Traditional Business to Modern Law Firm

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Those who have been involved in the practice of law are all too familiar with the “ancient” practice of taking dictations, transcribing, and filing of documents.  Lawyers and clients met face-to-face in conference rooms and relied on billable hours to keep track of their revenues.  But are all of these changing with the increased desire for value by clients?  Where is the traditional law firm model headed? (more…)

Challenging Trend of Data Protection Laws Cloud Computing

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There are plenty of studies backing up cloud data and cloud-based software solutions, which isn’t really that surprising anymore since so many businesses continue talking about how they’re benefitting from the technology. What is surprising is how rapidly the entire business world seems to be adopting this technology. (more…)

Crazy Lawyer Cloud Computing Benefits to Boost Your Works!

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By now you may have already heard all the hype about Cloud computing platform and how it can give your business access to all these advanced technology and state-of-the-art applications at a fraction of the cost of implementing it on your own.

For huge law firms, this can be quite attractive and may deliver substantial savings; but for small to medium-sized firms, how much can they really benefit from Cloud computing?  Are there any life shattering advantages in stored that makes it easier to decide to move into the Clouds?  Well, they may not be life shattering, but they surely are worth considering. (more…)

Professional Cloud Computing Lawyer Practice

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There seems to be a continuing trend of different industries moving to Cloud computing primarily because of the need to lower operational costs and improve the flexibility of delivery of service.  It is understandable why the finance, legal, and healthcare industries may find it compelling to use the Cloud platform; but for specific professions to go into Cloud?  Do not look so surprised because many professions are finding immense benefits with Cloud computing.  Let us take a look at the benefits law practitioners gets from this cloud platform. (more…)

Building the Future Law Firm Cloud Computing

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Have you ever imagined what the future of law office would look like?  If we base it on the cartoon shows or movies, the offices of the future would be run mostly by robots.  Actually, what we thought of about 20 years ago as science fiction is becoming a reality today.  With the available technology allowing for the establishments of virtual offices, the future is starting today.  Before we entertain the thoughts of the law office of the future, let us take a look at the factors that will affect it and the role of cloud computing will play. (more…)

Filling the Business Gap with Cloud IT Service

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Is your business being stressed by the lack of IT support talent?  Is your law practice being overstretched to catch up with the workload?  This is a very real scenario that many businesses are facing, with knee-jerk reactions leaning towards hiring of new talent.  Is this the right choice?  Let’s see. (more…)

10 Disadvantages & Risks of Cloud Computing

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However, there are disadvantages of cloud computing behind this technology. Before it’s explained, let’s see about cloud computing overview. (more…)