2020 Cloud Computing Trends to Look Out For

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Since the first Cloud Computing Solution was introduced back in 2006 by Amazon with their Amazon Web Services and then followed by Google in 2008 with their Google App Engine, Cloud Computing keeps getting better and more robust.

Now with more and more businesses, small and big alike, are getting a lot of benefits from Cloud Computing, it’s about the right time to completely move on to the clouds. Cloud computing has changed everything. (more…)

Cloud Computing as Law Firms Collaboration Tools

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Most large legal cases are an exercise in collaboration and improper tools for the job can be a major source of redundancy and wasted money over time. To help eliminate this issue it is important to take a look at cloud computing as a tool for collaborations. (more…)

Seeking the Right Cloud Computing Provider for Law Practice

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Most lawyers already know the benefits of cloud computing by now. They’ve either experienced some of the benefits for themselves, or they have a buddy that’s using the technology that is constantly telling them all about it.

Some of these lawyers are planning on adopting the tech soon, but are worried about how much time it will take to learn to use it, others are concerned with the security aspects of cloud computing. After all, cloud computing is essentially taking all your confidential documents and putting them out on the internet so that you can access them more conveniently. (more…)

Security Advantage Cloud Computing Gives to Your Data

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What is the most common reason why many attorneys and law firms try to stay away from cloud computing?  There is a prevailing belief that information of clients are more secured when stored locally, as compared to being in the cloud.

This is probably true (or you would want to believe that it is true) if you do not have a better understanding of cloud technology.  Let’s take a look at some reasons why client information is more secured in the cloud. (more…)

Positive Impact of Cloud Computing for Law Firm

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The International Data Corporation predicted that in 2014 the cloud computing industry would reach $798M in revenues.  With such a staggering growth, it is quite confusing why using cloud computing technology is even being discussed. (more…)

Using Cloud Computing as Disaster Recovery for Your Law Firm

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If you’re considering cloud computing for your law office, you probably know about many of the benefits that such setup offers. You know that you’ll save time on cases, that you might be able to work with fewer staff members and that your business will be more streamlined overall. (more…)

Increasing Legal Practice Productivity with Cloud Computing

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Collaboration is one of the foundations of legal work.  Lawyers regularly need to get in touch not only with other lawyers in their team, but also with their clients.  Collaboration may be necessary for many different aspects of the case such as sharing of evidences, discussing ideas, or formulating strategies among others.  Unfortunately, physical or geographic distance is a huge hurdle for effective collaboration.  So where does cloud computing come in and are there real benefits from it? (more…)

Avoiding Cyber Crime in Your Law Firm with Cloud Computing

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Many law firms are now being scrutinized to ensure that they are not susceptible to security breaches that can lead to the exposure of client information. This is part of the response in the increasing incidences of cybercrime that is being experienced in various industries including the legal profession.  How can law firms protect sensitive client data from prying digital eyes? (more…)

Meeting the Client Needs with Cloud Computing for Law Firms

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Ever since cloud computing for law firms start to become more popular and many law firms workers moved to service-based products instead of software for desktop computer, the whole market changed dramatically. Now many legal practitioners expect to pay lower monthly rates for the services they need and they want them to evolve, improve and give them everything that they need to run the business successfully. (more…)

The Value of Virtual Environment in Law Firms

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Are you one of those who have gotten used to working in a traditional office where you are bounded by four walls?  Well here is a newsflash for you, times are changing.  More and more businesses are turning to virtual environments for their offices as part of their non-traditional process to enhance the workplace. (more…)